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Find Out Whether or Not Your Website Is Helping (or Hurting) Your Business!

Are you absolutely sure your website is working the way it should be? A Website Audit report will help you to better understand how to drastically improve your site for better results (i.e. more calls, signups or orders).

Is your website bringing you the leads, sales and opportunities that you always hoped it would? Some days do you just wish you had a new website? Do you get mixed messages from friends and family about what should be on your website?

Do you feel 100% comfortable with your website when you ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my website secure and backed up against potential threats?
  • Is my website really clear to my visitors
  • Do they all take the steps that I hoped they would towards becoming a customer?
  • Am I losing any leads that are coming to my website? Or am I missing any opportunities?
  • Is my website actually Google-friendly? Have I done everything that I should have to appear well in search engines?
A Website Audit is the perfect solution for someone who needs a simple, step by step plan on how to strategically improve your online presence over time.

Start Getting the Most Out Of Your Website!

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If you want to find ways to grow your business, and get the most from your digital marketing budget, then reviewing your website is a great place to start. 

Here’s how it works.

1. Request Your Audit
Just choose the kind of audit you’re after, fill in the form below and I’ll book it in.
2. We'll Perform the Audit

I’ll carry out a 40+ point audit that looks at every aspect of your website including your speed, security, design, software, search engine friendliness, and more.

3. We'll Send the Audit

We’ll email you the audit report, in plain English, which lists all the issues that we could find. These are listed in order of priority along with suggestions for improvement. It really forms a blueprint that you can use to start making the most important improvements to your website.

You’re more than welcome to forward the report directly to your website designer, make the changes yourself, or ask us for a quote. At the end of the day, we just want to see your website become an revenue generating asset for your business.

What Do We Check In Our Audit?
User Experience:
Conversion Optimization:
SEO / Online Visibility:
Performance & Security:

“This audit helped us create not only a better-looking site that was more functional but also one that actively engages our visitors on a regular basis and significantly increased our conversion rates.”

Derrick Bennett, Downriver Tree Service



$ 399
per audit
  • 40+ point Website Audit
  • Report Emailed Within 12 Hours


$ 1,299
per audit
  • 40+ Point Website Audit
  • Report Emailed Within 12 Hours
  • 4 Hours Development Time to Fix
Best Value

Level Up

$ 1,599
per audit
  • 40+ Point Website Audit
  • Report Emailed Within 12 Hours
  • 4 Hours Development Time to Fix
  • Google Business Profile Audit
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