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Strategy & Tips Blog Post Ideas for Local Businesses

Strategies and Tips should be your content strategy’s main focus. Some businesses don’t want to tell their clients how to do something they do for them. But you don’t have to tell anyone about your best-kept secrets. Also, by showing them how to do something, you show that you (a) know what you’re talking about and (b) want to help them. If your blog doesn’t have it, they’ll find it somewhere else, and if they can do it themselves, they’re not a good fit for your business anyway. Your target audience is people who can’t do what you do because they don’t have the skills or don’t have the bandwidth, desire, or time to learn the skills.

👉 How to Do X (Without Y):

Basically, talk about a way to get something done without using the go-to strategy or tool. For example, we have a post called “How to Get Generate Leads without a massive Ad Budget”.

👉 How to Do X in X Time:

People like to save time when they can. They also like things to go as planned. Telling them how to do something in a set amount of time (like a week, an hour, or five minutes), especially if it’s faster than they’re used to, is a surefire way to get them to click.

👉 How We [Achieved X]:

As long as you don’t give away your secret sauce, share how you reached a certain goal (one that your customers also want to reach) by talking about the strategies you used, the mistakes you made, and the problems you had to solve. This will help others reach their own goals.

👉 The X-Step Formula for Success:

Use food as a metaphor for a process and tell your readers how to do it, like a recipe. Share what you need (ingredients), how to do it (steps), pictures, and a lot of food puns.

  • Here’s one delicious example:
  • How to make Google Ads work:
  • How to Succeed, Step by Step.

👉 The Quickstart Guide to X:

Just like a piece of equipment often comes with detailed instructions and a shorter quickstart guide, turn one of your more detailed walk-throughs or whitepapers into a post that just covers the basics. A cheat sheet is the same thing as a pocket guide.

Just make sure that if you use any of these ideas to target a keyword, the content still matches the keyword’s meaning. If not, it probably won’t rank. SEO and creativity don’t always get along, which is a shame.

More ideas for strategy blog posts

👉 X Tips We swear by …
👉 The  “Homer Simpson.” [PersonaGuide/Manual ]’s to X
👉 X Different Ways to Do X   
👉 Four Things Everyone Who Wants to [Achieve Something] Must Do
👉 The 10 rules about [Subject]
👉 Checklist
👉 FAQ’s About X
👉 How-to with a video lesson

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